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Ramadan Celebration - April 14 - Shared screen with speaker view
Pamela Williams-Páez [she/her/hers/ella]
Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisterswe are happy to share with the community a statement made by the mayor of the City of Santa Clarita, the Honorable Bill Miranda, congratulating the SCV Muslim Community for the holy month of Ramadan. The following link provides this greatly welcomed and appreciated statement:https://youtu.be/RUypz88cFC4
Joanna Kelly
Have any of your friends who are not Muslim fasted with you in solidarity?
Joanna Kelly
that's awesome! I try to do it at least 1 day with my friend who is Muslim.
Noorain Syed
Masjid = Mosque
Preeta Saxena (she/her/hers)
Thank you, panelists for organizing this informative session. I have to sign off for another meeting. Ramzan Kareem/Mubarak to you all.
Julianna Barnes
Thank you all so much for today!
Brandon Ashford
Have to jump over to the BSA meeting. This was a great presentation and you students are amazing. I learned a lot about ramadan!
Joanna Kelly
Thank you!!! great info!
Alexa Siglar
What is the most important lesson you think non-Muslims can learn from Ramadan? And thank you so much, this has been great!
Pamela Williams-Páez [she/her/hers/ella]
Great question, Alexa!
Nicholas Whitman
Even as someone who is non-religious, there are so many good lessons to take away from this month and be inspired by. Thank you all for the presentation!!
Alexa Siglar
This has been really eye opening. Thank you so much!