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BOT Business Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Eric Harnish
PROTOCOL/PROCEDURES FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public, we ask that you follow the instructions as noted below.IF YOU ZOOM• Please use the Q&A function in Zoom• Indicate which item you wish to address or if you wish to make a general comment on a matter within the Board’s subject-matter jurisdiction under “Items Not on the Agenda” sections at the beginning or end of the agenda.• EXAMPLE: “I would like to Request to Speak on Item ___________.”IF YOU CALL-IN• Please dial *9 to let staff know you wish to make a comment.PROCESSThe Board President, with the assistance of District staff, will call on members of the audience that have requested to speak at the appropriate time; the moderator will allow you to speak by activating the function; and members of the audience will be able to make their comments.NOTE: Board Policy 2350 limits each speaker to THREE (3) MINUTES per subject and the total time per subject to TWENTY (20) MINUTES.